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Electro mechanical broaching machine

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Broaching operation represents metal processing, where the processing is done in one pass. The tool is broaches and designed to linearly passes perpendicular to the workpiece in the direction of the axis of the tool. The relative movement of the tool through the workpiece provides broaching machines (Broaching). The tool can be pushed (which is less common method of treatment), or drawn through the workpiece. Broaching can be internal (when the tool handles the inner surface of the workpiece) or external (when the tool processes the outer surface of the workpiece).

Technology-through processing is explained in the second chapter describes the kinematics-through processing where we can see the position of the tool in the treatment of internal and external broaching, broaching types, methods and types of broaching and cutting scheme.

The third chapter describes the machines for broaching of some manufacturers and their main characteristics, the tools in the processing of broaching and their basic structural elements. Also the choice of form space between teeth, chip breaker and handles broaches (for internal and external broaching).

Based on the above characteristics and broaching broaches the fourth chapter was used for modeling the electro-mechanical parts Broaching, or gear and rack, chuck tools, pole mount and an electric motor, in the program CATIA V5R21. Before ten or more years with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, professors decided to construct broaching machine, whose made almost all the elements of the machine and it is not finished yet. Broaching is modeled according to the already existing elements.


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