Cookie Statement

This is’s cookie statement (hereafter: “” or “we”). Here, we explain how we use cookies and comparable techniques on our Website ( (hereafter the “Website”).

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, smartphone, or other device when you visit our Website. They help us function, analyze, and personalize the Website. Cookies remember data from your previous visit so that the site works better and displays more relevant information for you. We also use comparable techniques, such as web beacons and pixels. We use both first-party cookies (cookies placed by us) and third-party cookies (cookies placed by others).

Cookies do not allow us to access your computer, smartphone, or other device, nor do they allow us to access any information other than that for which you have permitted us. You can adjust your browser settings to refuse first—and/or third-party cookies. As a result, it is possible that our Website is no longer fully functional.

2. Type Cookies makes use of the following types of cookies on our Website:

  • Functional cookies. These cookies are necessary to deliver the requested service, such as remembering your login details.
Google Sign On
These cookies are necessary to enable you to log in with your Google account.
Persistent & SessionUsed for Google Single Sign-On session
We use this cookie to recognize your session
SessionCookie used to identify a session instance for the user
Website preferences6 monthsCookies used to store the website preferences
Language/region6 monthsCookies used to store the language and region preference
With this cookie, you do not have to remember your login details
6 monthsCookie used to remember the user for login purposes
These cookies help us secure the Website
1 day – 12 monthsThis cookie protects the website from cross-site request forgery.
  • Analytical cookies. These cookies help us improve our Website, for instance, by analyzing the number of visitors, clicks, and page views.
Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to measure and analyze how our Website is being used. We use this information to improve our services.

Further information is available in Google’s privacy statement:
1 day – 2 yearsGoogle Analytics sets this cookie to distinguish users.
  • Tracking cookies. These cookies track your browsing behavior so that we (or third parties) can present you with relevant content and personalized advertisements.  
We use Facebook cookies to optimize our advertising on Facebook

See the Facebook website for more

1 month – 2 yearsThese cookies come from Facebook. They serve to optimize the advertising offer on Facebook.

3. Privacy Statement

Information gathered by cookies may contain personal data, such as your IP address. If this is the case, processing such personal data is covered by our Privacy Statement, which you can read here.

4. Amendments

This cookie statement was last updated on May 14th, 2024. We may amend this cookie statement from time to time. We therefore advise you to consult the cookie statement regularly. A clear notification will follow if there are substantial changes to this cookie statement.

5. Questions 

Should you have any questions about this cookie statement, please contact us at [email protected]