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A large number of machines in a specific enclosed space, as well as the process of technical division of labour, have enabled serial production. The position of workers in the production process has changed, as well as their relation to other workers. By working, people establish connections and relations with other workers and with their superiors. Relations of production cause certain consequences for the workers as the social relations in the work environment. This paper primarily discusses the impact of work environment on people during emergencies. The topic of psychological state of humans in distress and fire and rescue crews during fires, technical interventions, and other emergencies requires a detailed analysis, as well as understanding of what essentially causes the issues.
Hazards threatening personnel during emergencies
The public learns about most of the hazards in difficult work conditions from general sources of everyday information, such as television, radio, the Internet, newspapers, and others. It is also very well known that these information sources are sometimes unable to represent a given situation or the hazards therein as they are, usually due to personal reasons or sheer uninformedness.
Unfortunately, events such as fires, traffic accidents, explosions, earthquakes, floods [1], and the like are reported by the mass media on a daily basis. The reports frequently comment on specific preventive measures that would help avoid such events in the future. It is well known that fires entail a hazard of building collapse, fast combustion of easily ignitable buildings, smoke poisoning, and high temperatures. With regard to explosions and earthquakes, collapses are fairly common, and there is risk of fires [2, 3] and release of highly damaging gases into the atmosphere. Floods are responsible for numerous destroyed households and fertile soil, and they even cause landslides.
The information obtained from the abovementioned sources are not always completely true and are sometimes based on incomplete data or information used solely for the purpose of publicity. The issue that receives little or no media attention is the psychological state of people stricken by any of the aforementioned emergencies and people who selflessly risk their own lives trying to save the former group of people.


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