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Trade Secrets


By Rob Phillips

Vince Egan remembers 1980. It’s the year he lost his job and found a career.

At the age of 37, Egan was doing marketing for a figure – skating show called Holiday on Ice. When it was sold, he was out of work.

But Egan had an idea; he just needed money and the cooperation of some very important people. One of them was Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets on PBS TV’s Sesame Street. Egan’s idea was to dress actors in Muppet costumes, put them in a stage show and send them on tour.

Henson liked Egan and he liked the idea. So did the people at Children’s Television Workshop, which owned the name Sesame Street. Egan got the money from a venture capitalist and a second mortgage on his farm home. He hired a producer, cast and crew. Sesame Street Live, so named to distinguish the road show from the TV series, was ready to go.


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