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Tema: Future tendencies in Mechanical Engineering
In the next 20 years, mechanical engineering is certain to experience continuing and surprising changes.
Particularly one must be concerned about how to prepare the mechanical engineer of 2035 to have the critical knowledge and competencies required in the future.
They are looking to a future characterized by engineering large and small scale systems
Developing sustainably
Rapidly developing economies are adding to global environmental pressures and competition for energy, water, and other high-demand resources.
Mechanical engineering will be challenged to develop new technologies and techniques that support economic growth and promote sustainability.

Engineering large and small scale systems
Engineers in 2035. will work at the extremes of very large and very small systems that require greater knowledge and coordination of multidisciplinary and multi-scale engineering across greater distances and timeframes.
Competitive edge of knowledge
Mechanical engineering education will be restructured to resolve the demands for many individuals with greater technical knowledge and more professionals who also have depth in management, creativity and problem-solving.
Collaborative advantage
The dominant players in all industries in 2035. will be those organizations that are successful at working collaboratively.
The 21st century will be defined not by conflict but by the integration of competitive markets with new methods of collaboration.

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