Introduction and brief history

Fake news (also known as junk news, pseudo news or hoax news) is a form of news consisting false information with intention to deliberately deceive. Fake news is usually spread through traditional media (newspapers or broadcast) or on-line social media (social networks, applications, web sites and different kinds of user- created contents).
Although it maybe seems that fake news is the product of modern era, the origin of this phenomenon dates back from the ancient times. For example, Egyptian pharaoh Rameses the Great spread lies about the Battle of Kadesh as a superb victory for the Egyptians – he portrayed victorious scenes from the battle on walls of many temples. However, the treaty signed between Egyptians and Hittites shows that there was no actual winner.
After the invention of printing press and especially in the 20th century with widening of printed media like newspapers and magazines, fake news was in expansion.

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