When we concentrate on the structure and ordering of components within a sentence, we are studying the syntax of a language. The syntax of English language is not an easy one, and therefore we have to deal with its units carefully.
There are a lot of subject matters to be analyzed from the story The Snake written by John Stenbeck. The author of this paper work, in this case makes a focus on the applacation of Adjectival Phrases in the whole story. And pertaining to the subject matter to be analyzed, there are two question formulated here:

1. Does the story contain Adjectival Phrases?
2. What are the roles of Adjectival Phrases used in the story?

To present or to provide description of adjective phrases is the main objective of the study. This contributes to anyone engaged in linguistic studies as well as literature ones. In addition to the above short notes, we want to find out whether:

1. The story contains Adjectival Phrases.
2. There are various roles of Adjectival Phrases in the story.

This paper work is basically focused on the analysis of adjectival phrases used in the story under the study in terms of the forms and functions. Adjectival phrases found in the story are analysed from various forms: adjective, infinitive, prepositional phrase, present participial phrase and past participial phrase. Adjectival phrase plays an important role in English sentences as it always modifies a noun and by this the existence of the noun itself will be more impressive and vivid. Then for some English learners, adjective phrase is hard to be distinguished from other phrases as some forms may look like adjective phrase but in fact they are categorized in other forms of phrases and by this study at least it is expected that such problems could be solved proportionally.
From this it is clear that to understand a certain text wholly, one should also have a good mastery of sentence structure well and adjectival phrase stands as one of the elements of sentence structure, which is in the corridor of linguistics. But one should know that linguistics and literature are inseparable. Both are means of communication and both are parts of human life. Then it is interesting enough for anyone to analyse a certain linguistic subject matter on the basis of literature as presented here. Knowledge of grammar is important for understanding literature and so by analyzing a literary work from linguistic viewpoint, one covers both the fields.


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