Sport as specific sociological phenomenon also connects other areas of social life. Communication specificity can be noticed throughout the present language of advertising. Its characteristics are salience and intrusiveness. It appears everywhere where sport exists – fromthe boards and scoreboards at sports stadiums, the media (radio, TV, print media), through equipment and accessories used by athletes (jerseys, balls, equipment, etc.), to the internet. The increasing financial demands of modern sport have produced this “necessary evil“ because it is one of the means through which  sports teams provide conditions for the development of their athletes. On the other hand, consumers of the sporting events, as well as the population as a whole, in this way are very often reduced to mere consumers. Some advertising messages (especially during sports mega-events) due to theirfrequentappearances often become an integral part of daily communication between people, patterned and impoverishing their speech. Advertising (from the latinreclamare: loud yell, shout, advertise) is an indispensable companion to the modern sport. It is based on the total control of the sender of the message has from one to the other end of the information chain. To achieve this the sender buys space in public, ie. placed billboards on the street, advertises in the newspapers, on the radio or television, on the internet… The advertisement consists in generating media coverage that the sender can fully control. In a world where the media occupies a large part of the information flow, advertising enables messages to arrive directly from sender to recipient, without the intervention of the media.
Keywords: sports, advertising, language, media

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