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The primary treatment of wastewater

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Water is an essential ingredient in manufacturing, energy, food industry, for material needs and more. Most requirements for water purity set food industry and utility systems for the supply of citizens potable water. Because of the great importance of all the processes of raw water which is removed, suspended solid, organic and inorganic chemical compounds, bacteria and chemicals give a bad taste and odor. Due to the high cost of raw water treatment, appropriate technologies must be combined in the best how to establish a balance between the cost and the resulting water quality.
Good water quality and rational use of water in all fields are imperative for the new millennium. The quality of life depends on the quality of water. Durable and reliable operation of industrial plants depends on the quality of water. As an environmentally priority prevention of water pollution, it is a responsibility of ecologists, chemists and engineers to develop and apply effective methods to clean water.

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