Every generation is different in many ways from the previous ones. Those differences reflect in values, goals and lifestyle which I will try to explain in lines to come.

First of, we are more familiar with the modern technology than our parents. The advancement in technology has emphasized the difference between generations and can be considered the main reason for this change. For instance, we can buy things online, pay bills, stay in touch with relatives living in foreign countries through social media.

The goals of the people of my generation has changed considerably. In past, people were getting married with 18-21 years, couples wanted to have children, raise them, spend time with them, work for them. Nowdays we see more and more breakups, divorces (with children or without). Somewhere along the way the word “Family” lost its meaning.

Our lifestyle has changed considerably. For present generation it is said that we live in a fast paced times. We eat fast food, we are always in a hurry, working long hours.


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