Richard Williams – The Animator’s Survival Kit

Anyone who wants to be an animator, or have an idea of how to animate your sprites, must read this book. The author of this book teaches you in a sharp and funny way how to make your animations to look awesome. This is aimed to begginers and intermediates in animation, also you need to know how to draw (at least a stick figure :P)

This can be combined with this pixel art tutorial to create some amazing 8-16 bit animations.

Some animation aspects this book involves:

– extremes and breakdowns
– keys
– classic mistakes
– walks
– weight
– tempo
– runs, jumps and skips
– flexibility
– anticipation
– takes and accents
– timing, staggers, wave and whip
– dialogue
and a lot more.

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  • 346 stranica
  • 3D modelovanje i animacija Vojislav Đorđević
  • Školska godina: Vojislav Đorđević
  • Skripte, Umetnost/Dizajn
  • Srbija,  Aleksinac,  Visoka škola strukovnih studija za informacione i komunikacione tehnologije   ITS Information Technology School

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